What is the best way to De-Stress and calm down your pup

Just like you, your pup feels stress and sometimes needs help calming down. The personalities for your pup give you wonderful guidance on how to bring calm to stressful situations. 

The most common definition of stress is any situation that brings strain or pressure. Common triggers for stress in your dog are loud noises, unfamiliar scents, meeting new people, separation, or physical discomfort such as thirst, hunger or pain.  

Signs that your pup is feeling stress includes changes in eyes or ears and body posture, whining, barking or panting, shaking or shivering, pacing or jumping up, hiding or aggressive behaviour.

Stress can be avoided through understanding your pups Energetic Personalities. You can introduce coping activities into their normal daily lives, things that bring calm, and create a happier life for them. 

Your dog’s Energetic Personality Imprint is a braid of Energetic Personalities. The Connecting Spiritual personality  – is common to all dogs. But what makes your pooch special and unique is the two energetic personalities in the braid, measured at the SolePath Institute. 

Connecting Spiritual

Calming rejuvenation for the Connecting Spiritual is rhythm. There is nothing that provides better rhythm than walks with you. Whenever they are having a meltdown, they can be calmed by the simple act of going for a walk. 

Emotional Charismatic

Calming rejuvenation for your Emotional Charismatic is distractions and change – and this keeps things interesting for them. Allowing them to destroy their toys, keeps them sharp. Even a new collar with a different weight and texture is exciting for them.

Caring Compassionate

Calming rejuvenation for your Caring Compassionate is love, love and more love. Whenever they are having a meltdown, they can be calmed by the simple act of physical connection. A hug around the neck for bigger dogs or picking them up for a cuddle for smaller ones.

Responsible Inspirational

Calming rejuvenation for your Responsible Inspirational dog is escape. A vacation from responsibility, getting away from anyone or anything that needs them.

Make sure that they can get away from family members when they need to – into their crate, or into a safe dark corner, or room.

Cool Intellectual

Calming rejuvenation for your Cool Intellectual dog is a vacation from their busy brain. Whenever they are having a meltdown, they can be calmed with a calm voice; also soft, relaxing music. A peaceful home environment, low on stress, really supports your Cool Intellectual.

Physical Intuitive

Calming rejuvenation for your Physical Intuitive dog is working their body. Whenever they are having a meltdown, they can be calmed with physical activity. Being outdoors and engaging in unrestrained play releases their pent-up frustration and stress.

Would you like to know your Pup’s Energetic Personality Imprint? You will both love it.

Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D

Author: Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D.

Dr. Debra is one of the world’s foremost experts in metaphysical energy. She has a doctorate in metaphysical science and is a metaphysical philosophy teacher. She is an ordained minister and member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association and the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry.

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