PePi explained

What is your Pup’s Energetic Personality Imprint? It is your dog’s unique personality and the guide to their unspoken emotional and physical needs. 

Getting to know your Pup’s Energetic Personality Imprint helps establish an energetic connection between you and your dog, making your life and the life of your dog as happy as can be. 

Your dog’s Energetic Personality Imprint is a braid of Energetic Personalities. The Connecting Spiritual is common to all dogs. But what makes your pooch special and unique are the two energetic personalities in the braid that are measured at the SolePath Institute. 

The Joyful and Support personalities could be an Emotional Charismatic, a Caring Compassionate, a Responsible Inspirational, a Cool Intellectual or a Physical Intuitive

Getting to know all of your dog’s Energetic Personalities makes it possible for you to love your pooch for who they are and provide for their unspoken emotional and physical needs. 



Your dog’s personality, the reason why they behave the way that they do, comes from a combination of breed characteristics, caregiver treatment and their Energetic Personality Imprint. Each Energetic Personality Imprint is a braid of the Joyful, Support and Connecting Energetic Personalities.

Your Pup’s Joyful Energetic Personality 

This is your pup’s ‘go to’ place where they feel most joyful. In this state, their energy is most expanded, and they feel happy, healthy, and whole. 

For Emotional Charismatic pups this may be where they feel most appreciated.

For Caring Compassionate pups this may be where they can show their affection and have that affection returned to them.

For Responsible Inspirational pups this may be where they feel most useful with a job that they love to do.

For Cool Intellectual pups this may be where they are mentally challenged and stimulated solving puzzles.

For Physical Intuitive pups this may be where they use their physical skills and are most playful.


Your Pup’s Support Energetic Personality

Like their caregiver, dogs can’t be full on joyful all the time. The Support Energetic Personality provides a positive, quieter and calmer behaviour that can be sustained for longer periods of time. For your pup it is still a place of happiness – just a more peaceful joy.


Connecting Spiritual Personality 

It comes as no surprise that all dogs have this wonderful connection to the spiritual world, nature, and energy. Perhaps dogs sleep so much to maintain that enduring connection to spirit? (More about the Connecting Spiritual.)

Casper our Pup

Here is our pup Casper’s Energetic Personality Imprint: