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What is PePi?

It is your Pup’s Energetic Personality Imprint and reveals their unique personality, giving you an understanding of their unspoken emotional and physical needs. 

PePi helps establish an energetic connection for you and your dog, and makes it possible for you to love your pooch for who they are, appreciate their unique personality and understand their distinct needs.

At the SolePath Institute we measure your dog’s energetics and give you all the things your pup wishes you knew about them –  your Pup’s Energetic Personality Imprint.

PePi explained.

What is your Pup’s Energetic Personality Imprint?

Your dog’s Energetic Personality is a braid of Energetic Personalities. The Connecting Spiritual Personality– is common to all dogs. But what makes your pooch special and unique are the two Energetic Personalities in the braid, measured at the SolePath Institute. 

The Joyful and Support Personalities could be an Emotional Charismatic, a Caring Compassionate, a Responsible Inspirational, a Cool Intellectual or a Physical Intuitive

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I want it! How do I get it?

At the SolePath Institute we measure your Pup’s Energetic Personality Imprint. When you click ‘Get your Pup’s Energetic Personality Imprint‘ you will be redirected to make your purchase (C$48 + tax).

Once that is done, you will upload a recent photo of your dog, and give us a few bits of information, so that we can get back to you. 

An Energetic Personality Imprint measurement can take up to 5 days to complete, but we do try to be faster (’cause we know you are excited and waiting!).

Included with your Pup’s Energetic Personality Imprint purchase is a 15-minute conversation with a certified mentor to help you unravel your pup’s energetic personality. We will email you a link to set that up.

Our PePi passionate people provide helpful and kind one-on-one support to guide you and your dog through the daily challenges of understanding and responding to your pup’s personality. 

Click on the energetic personality PePi hearts below to unravel your pup’s uniqueness: