“Knowing your Pup’s Energetic Personality Imprint is a wonderful way to understand the most joyful way in which you can live, love and play together.” Dr. Debra

Physical Intuitive Personality

Dogs with a Physical Intuitive personality are fun and full.

Your Physical Intuitive dog is playful, needs physical activity and is positive.


Your Physical Intuitive dog is a participant in life who is fun to be around. They are playful, mischievous, and good-natured. Isn’t that wonderful?!

These dogs are fun and full. Play is an integral part of the joy in their life. Make time for it and encourage it. Playtime together will build a strong and loving relationship with your companion.


Provide your Physical Intuitive dog with many opportunities for strenuous physical activity. They need to work their body hard to release their stress, and to keep their intuitive body tuned up and feeling good. After a good workout, provide them with the opportunity to get some good, quiet rest.

Physical activity is essential for the well-being of all dogs, but for your Physical Intuitive, it is almost as important as breathing. Their body needs to feel good, for them to feel happy.


It’s a function of being a Physical Intuitive, that your dog can be a bit moody. You can recognize mood swings by a quick change in your dog’s behaviour. For example, from playing an exciting game of Tug to hiding sulkily under the bed. 

Keep an eye out for the triggers that cause your dog to go from feeling positive and optimistic, to scared and overwhelmed. It could be loud noises, strangers, a sudden change in activity, or something else. Give them the space and opportunity to regain their positivity using clear and direct communication that is positive and supportive.

 Wellness and your Physical Intuitive dog:

There are secrets to your dog’s body that are unique to them as a Physical Intuitive.

Metaphysical umbilicus:

This is a place on their body that connects them directly with their inner wisdom. The metaphysical umbilicus for your Physical Intuitive is their solar plexus, core or gut. You can help your dog connect to their inner wisdom if you gently massage or stroke their tummy. This will help them feel fun and full. 

Health sensitivity:

Each of the Energetic Personalities has a health sensitivity. This is not to say that your dog will experience ill health in this area, but rather that it is a possible predisposition and something to keep an eye on. If symptoms show up, speak with your pet health-care provider.

For your Physical Intuitive, their health sensitivity is their digestive system.


Calming rejuvenation for your Physical Intuitive dog is working their body. Whenever they are having a meltdown, they can be calmed with physical activity. Being outdoors and engaging in unrestrained play releases their pent-up frustration and stress.

Five senses:

Of the five senses, the most powerful one for your Physical Intuitive is touch.


Your dog is acutely aware of their body, and they are sensitive to pressure, temperature and other sensations. They will respond well to physical affection, light massage, scratching and stroking. Brushing, with a massaging dog brush, activates their nerve endings and they will love receiving this affection. Your Physical Intuitive uses their sense of touch to communicate with you and with other dogs.

 Matching vibration:

There are certain physical items that have the same energy as your Physical Intuitive dog. Things that vibrate at their wavelength, provide a wonderful, positive addition throughout their life.


Your Physical Intuitive dog’s favourite colour is white. White helps them feel playful and positive and is a symbol of peace and purity. White can be introduced in bedding and accessories.


The gemstone for your Physical Intuitive dog is Natural Quartz. This gemstone clears their energy and promotes happiness. Gemstones may be placed on their body (e.g. hanging from their collar) or near their bedding.

 Training and your Physical Intuitive:

Knowing your dog’s Energetic Personality Imprint contributes to understanding your dog at a deep level and helps you to become the best dog caregiver you can be; a caregiver who provides a happy, loving and nurturing environment. Understanding their learning style helps make training a positive experience for both you and your dog.

Learning style: kinesthetic and experiential

Your Physical Intuitive dog learns by doing and by repetition. Although their ears and mind do hear you, their body is what remembers how to do things. Have patience with new tasks and commands. Give them the time and space to actually experience what is needed and to get better and better each time they repeat the activity. Remember to make training fun and playful.

 It’s a Physical Intuitive dog’s life!


Add to the quality of your pet’s life with healthy treats and rewards. Here are the clues to their fundamental motivation:

Physical Intuitives exist to run, play and eat. They are physical animals that love their bodies. They encourage you to playfully interact with them and to lead a healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise and time outdoors.


All pets love to be touched and comforted. Here is the best way to fulfil that need for your cherished dog:

Physical Intuitives love touching, stroking and caressing. Physical Intuitives love to be massaged because they depend on their body feeling well.


Spending quality time with your dog is essential and can be as much fun for you as for them:

Physical Intuitives need vigorous exercise, with you alongside. This is the best connecting time for them. They just love to work their body hard and then have a rubdown or massage afterwards.


Pets need rest, relaxation and sleep and here is the best way to provide that support and care:

Physical Intuitives will sleep lots and often, anywhere and anytime. When they are awake, they want to play.


While natural whole foods are best for most pets, here are some other suggestions for meal times:

Physical Intuitives are affected by their diet. With the help of a professional, choose their nutrition carefully.


As a general rule, dogs love routine because it lets them know what to expect and what to look forward to. Within a consistent time to eat and exercise, here are some further suggestions:

Physical Intuitives must have a routine that includes regular feeding times, vigorous exercise and plenty of rest.


Our dogs generally reflect back to us what is going on in our lives, and if there is unhappiness:

Physical Intuitives will feel unhappiness in their bodies and could manifest upset tummies, injuries or other illnesses.

“When you love an animal, your soul is awakened.” Dr. Debra

Knowing your dog’s Energetic Personality Imprint makes it possible for a joyful interaction for the animal and for you, the caregiver. Your pup’s life is made as happy as can be and in return they are able to make your life and the lives of all they live with, happy too. Dogs contribute to life in so many ways and the Pup Energetic Personality Imprint helps you provide for the unspoken emotional and physical needs of your dog.

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